Welcome to the Drumming for Transformation School

Hi, I’m Eddie O Neill

I am the founder of the Drumming for Transformation School. I am a professional Life and Empowerment Coach, and Drum Circle Facilitator and Teacher. I am devoted to helping you TRANSFORM and ENERGIZE your life through the power of RHYTHM/DRUMMING and promoting other HOLISTIC PRACTICES. I set up this online school to help people discover the HEALTH/ WELLNESS and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BENEFITS of Hand Drumming and other complementary therapy interventions, and help individuals to reignite their “ZEST” for life, and help them find their way back to a way of living that is full of EXCITEMENT, MOTIVATION, ENERGY AND SELF-BELIEF. I

I am the Founder of Rhythm Connection Practice (RCP) which is a Personal Growth Intervention that encourages the use of Drumming and Rhythm based activities to enhance our Wellbeing and Personal Advancement. I am a certified HealthRhythms Facilitator and a Rhythm2Recovery workshop Leader.

I look forward to bringing to you many Drumming Courses, as well as interesting interviews with expert Teachers and Therapists from all aspects of Holistic Healing Practices... and motivating you into a mindset that will inspire you to make huge TRANSFORMATION in you life.

I sincerely hope you will join us and become a WTA student.